Data Science Meet-Up

Data Science Meet-Up

Armstrong International is proud to bring together like-minded senior industry professionals to discuss and share knowledge on emerging industry subjects which will directly impact their organisation’s current and future resourcing requirements. The latest in this series was a Data Science meet-up.

In mid-February, Armstrong International hosted its first Data Science meet-up with guest speakers Simon Thompson, Head of Data Science for BT Research and Harry Powell, Chief Data Scientist, Barclays. The successful turnout matched our calibre of speakers, who engaged a captivated audience in a discussion focused on what’s possible during the early stages of establishing advanced analytics in large corporations.

In a very enjoyable Q&A, Harry and Simon demonstrated that engagement and understanding on the part of all stakeholders is particularly key to overcoming the “magic myth”, institutional fear of “automating jobs” and residual mistrust of methodology on the part of established, traditional analysts etc. It was also felt by many that small teams are exponentially more effective than individual contributors and that it’s vital to acknowledge that Data comes before Science.

Armstrong International – Advanced Analytics
Armstrong International has an established advanced analytics practice retained by global organisations to help conceive, build and grow data analytics teams.

For further information please contact Oliver Blaydon – or 0207 6060002

We will be hosting our next meet up in early Summer and look forward to seeing you there.

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