Team Domenica

Team Domenica

Team Domenica is a social enterprise charity, which was founded with the principal aim of helping people with learning disabilities find and retain employment in local communities.

It has three distinct limbs which come together to form an enterprise which is unique in the breadth of support it provides to the young learning disabled to develop skills, access employment and play an active role in local communities.

Team Domenica will do this by setting up an Employment Agency, Training Café and Training Centre.


  • Will establish relationships with local companies to procure suitable employmentopportunities for young adults with learning disabilities
  • Will provide companies with guidance and advice on employing young people with learning disabilities
  • Will work with the HR departments of the employing companies to facilitate the provision of appropriate working conditions for young adults with learning disabilities


  • Will be open to the public from Monday to Thursday each week
  • Will be closed to the public on Friday each week and will function as a social meeting place for adults with learning disabilities
  • Will be staffed by our students where they will be taught catering skills, front of house and general work skills, to assist preparation for work


  • Will provide young adults with mild/moderate learning difficulties, a bespoke and supported employment programme; Work Skills’, ‘Life Skills’ and ‘English and Maths for the workplace’
  • Will provide individual Learning Plans tailored towards each individual’s interests, abilities and aspirations towards gaining employment

Jeans for Genes

Armstrong International will be taking part in Jeans for Genes day on Friday 23rd Sept. All proceeds will go to charity and for anyone unable to attend donations can be made to Jeans for Genes Day.

Run in the Dark

For the 3rd consecutive year Armstrong International is taking part in Run in the Dark at Battersea Park.

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